The Van Project


Literally, anyone can get involved with the Finding Nico Van Project. Nico and his gang of  #dogooders are always accepting help! You can partner with the project, volunteer at local service opportunities or events, donate financially, or simply follow, like and share the journey on social media. Not everyone can take time off, live in a van, and volunteer full time, but everyone can be a part of the adventure and share in the fruit.

Dodge Ball (March of Dimes)


What is FNVP? Finding Nico Van Project is all about “MINIMAL LIVING, MAXIMAL GIVING”.

It is an eighteen-month mission living with less and giving more. Simply put, we find people, organizations, and nonprofits that need help… and we help. When we look at how much it costs to rent an apartment or pay a mortgage, we all see different numbers. For some, it is upwards of one thousand dollars… for others, it is much more.

What if we all downsized, and gave some of that money back to a good cause?

For me, in the state of Georgia, that cost is about $900.00. What could I do with some of that money if I didn’t have to pay? Work less? Sure. Buy more? Easily. OR, I could give back to those in need. By living in a van and donating a percentage of that money to charity, I can work less while helping more people along the way.

Less is more, right?

Our Goals

All the above is all well and dandy, but I want more. Selling most of my belongings and donating money to charity is a good start, but I want to create a tsunami. If only ten people matched my donation we can raise over ten thousand dollars together. That alone is awesome, but even still, I believe that we can do more!

Together we can:

  • Turn a van into a traveling, helping home
  • Raise awareness for over 40 nonprofits
  • Live a more fulfilled life with less
  • Conduct on-going Random Acts of Kindness
  • Motivate others to get involved
  • Partner with overseas missions (if possible)
  • Partner with and work for 40+ state side nonprofits
  • Connect with people all over the East Coast



The project is NOW and runs through June 2019 (or forever). We will renovate the van during “The Build”, while also engaging the community and working with nonprofits in the Columbus area. Our ride continues with “The Trip”, where we will travel from Connecticut to Florida volunteering at a different nonprofit each week. All along, we will be raising awareness as well as money for nonprofit organizations.


In other words:

  • The Build- January 2018 through February 2019
  • The Trip- March through June 2019
  • Philanthropy- January 2018 through June 2019


“The Build” phase of the project will take place in Columbus, Georgia and surrounding areas. Check out our events for a chance to get involved with the build or philanthropic adventures. “The Trip” phase will start in Connecticut and roll on, with a stop in each state, all the way to Florida. Each stop will last approximately one week, with a total of four months on the road. The trip will wrap up Columbus in June 2019.



After three years of college and seven years of Active Duty Military service, I wanted more. I wanted to make more of an impact, and for the longest time, I didn’t know how. I wanted to get rid of all the “excess” in life and focus on the important things.

That’s when I came across #vanlife.


I thought how “sick” it would be to get rid of everything and live in a van after separating from the Army. Cool, right? But then, I started thinking about how I can turn a project of soul searching into something much bigger than myself… How can I help connect people for a greater cause? Turn me, into we?

After talking with so many amazing people, “The Van Project” was born.


One word: Community!

We can not do it without you!! I have been blessed to be around amazing people willing to go great strides for their fellow man. Most books you read be it finance, motivation, leadership, you name it; all have a few things in common. First, there is an inherent need to help and care for others. Check! Then, there is an emotional obligation to give more than you receive. Yup! Finally, there is a constant call to action.

We are being told to go and do good things! I think it is time I listen; the time to practice what I preach. The time has come to stop donating five “bucks” here or three there and fully commit: financially, emotionally, and physically!

The Crew

Are you ready to join in OUR Journey?

Check out our Blog to follow the journey and learn more!

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