Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower change through service, education, and leadership.

We start that by working with high school and college students who have required community service hours. Instead of accepting the status quo, folding clothes at the salvation army or visiting the nearest retirement home, we provide students the structure of an organization while encouraging the mind of the individual to thrive.

What if we provide students the freedom to create a community outreach or service project they are truly passionate about?

I think we will be pleasantly surprised, and so will they!

Our Vision

Our vision is to, through our mission, spread joy, encourage change, and make it fun.

How do we do that?

By letting students address issues in the community they are passionate about.

We let them plan, market, and execute their own programs. We help to guide this process and facilitate growth every step of the way. Students leave wanting more and possess the knowledge to continue doing more.

Our Values

– Community – Leadership – Service – Love – Passion – Transparency – Unity –

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