Kids Care

Kids Care is an initiative engaging students of all ages to spread love and serve others through kindness projects, service opportunities, and community outreach.

If you have a school or student who would like to partner with Do More Gooder through the Kids Care initiative please contact us. Every school and individual is different. We are happy to work with students of all ages and abilities across a large range of projects.

Participating Schools

  • Columbus High School

Current Volunteers


Josh Abraham joined us while attending Columbus State University. When starting a Sociology class focused on homelessness with 20 hours of required community service, Josh immediately contacted us. In an effort to provide tangible, midterm assistance we are creating “Go Bags” for the homeless in our community. Each bag will be filled with resources, information, food, and hygiene items.

If you would like to support Josh’s initiative please donate here, or send in contributions to 1313 19th Street, Columbus GA 31905.

Past Volunteers


Necia and Faith come to us from CHS and are already excited to get involved. With a busy summer and school year, they opted to get started early. Due to sports and camps, they are spread thin on time, but excited to add us to their busy schedules. They will be assisting with our ongoing events, projects, and future planning throughout this summer. We are excited to welcome them to our team.

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