Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved! Which is best for you?


As an individual partner, you can donate any amount to help get us rolling. Sponsor a day, week, or month. If a financial contribution is not in the cards right now, that’s okay! You can view our special projects and get involved in another way, such as service.


As a business partner, you can support our project and receive awesome benefits for your business. Your contributions can be financial, or a product or service. Any business can Get Involved.


When donating on behalf of a Church or Ministry 50% of your contribution will help the project continue and 50% will be donated to our nonprofits. Receive the same benefits as a business while directly impacting nonprofit organizations.


The best way to get involved is to donate to our participating nonprofits. All funds donated go to support numerous nonprofits along the East Coast and locally. Visit our Shop to spread the love.


If you would like to be a service volunteer, follow our events page to get involved. You can join us for fundraisers or days of service in the local area.


When you visit our Special Projects Page you will see a list of projects we have going on. The projects range from the build and the trip to construction and media. We will also have projects that help with needs within the community. You can select and sponsor any project you would like.


You can also buy merchandise to help keep the project running. To ensure 100% of donations go to our partnered nonprofits, we sell merchandise to help cover overhead costs. (i.e website, merchandise, marketing, random acts of kindness, and local outreach)