Welcome to Our Donation Page

Contributions are taxable at this time. We are currently in the process of incorporating as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Contact Us for fun ways to give back and learn more about fundraising incentives…

Our fundraising goal for the end of 2018 is $5,375. This amount covers a website and software overhaul; making your access and contributions more functional and secure. Additionally, these funds cover our operating cost for the duration of 2019, ensure we can provide weekly Random Acts of Kindness, Monthly Service Events, and additional Educational events throughout the year.

All additional funds will support individual student service initiatives, social-collaborative events, and developmental programs for our board, staff, and volunteers.

  • Become an Ambassador
  • Do the Growler Challenge
  • Organize a Fundraiser or Event

Things we need:

  • Volunteer Shirts $825
  • Lowes/Home Depot Gift Cards


  • Fast Food Gift Cards
  • Sunscreen
  • Back Packs
  • Blankets
  • Socks (new)
  • Water Bottles (new)

Mail-in Donations:

1313 19th Street

Columbus, GA 31901

Thank you

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