“Just Feed One”

How often do we miss the immediate call to help because we are thinking about the biggest way we can make an impact in the world rather than doing something small right in front of us?

Often times I have trouble with “doing more gooder” because I fall victim to looking for the largest possible impact I can make, this is a selfish viewpoint. Mother Teresa has a quote about this, “if you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” 

fullsizeoutput_54aI definitely dream big, aim high and look for ways in which I can provide the most value. This mindset often times makes me miss the simple things right in front of my face. All of us in this world are seeking ways to help humanity, we all want to grow up and leave an impact on the world which forever changes it. These aspirations are incredible and what makes us human. Sometimes we think, “Well…I feel too far away to make a huge difference” or “I am too young to change the world” or my favorite “I will start looking for ways to impact the world and give back once I am retired and have made enough money” these are natural responses. But it is fear which paralyzes us from serving and making an impact exactly where our feet are. 

fullsizeoutput_4dfSometimes our chance to change the world is a small task we accomplish which leads to starting a movement, take Adam Braun and his Pencils for Promise project. Since 2008 his foundation has built over 470 schools, it started when he was studying abroad for a semester and asked a kid if he could have any gift in the world what would it be…the kid responded with “a pencil” because in his country he did not have access to school and he knew education could open up many pathways and opportunities for him. Adam handed the child a pencil he had on him and it immediately created a burning passion in his heart to start a foundation to help build schools in impoverished regions around the world. Simply asking a question ignited a movement to change over 90,000 students’ lives. 

The stark reality in this world is we never truly understand the results of our actions. Steve Jobs said it best when he said, “you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” I challenge you today to text a friend a word of encouragement, speak to the person on the side of the street and ask how they are, ask yourself “what is one thing I can do today to make the world just a little better place?” Our opportunity to change the world starts small, even if it means giving out a pencil to a child or feeding one person instead of 100. So whatever comes your way today, let it be done in love. Love your neighbor, love yourself and Do More Gooder. 


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