From Van Project to Nonprofit

It all started May 2017 as a transitional project as my Military career came to an end.

IMG_3770I was going to build a van, work with local nonprofits, and travel the East Coast. My post-military plan was flawless… mostly.

What could go wrong?

A lot probably! Like drilling a hole into your spare tire, a leak in your roof, or mismeasuring your very expensive roof rack.

Luckily only the first two happened.

What I didn’t expect was what else happened…

Within the first six months, I had an overwhelming amount of support; financial donors, mentors, and more volunteers than I knew what to do with. How could I support more volunteers? I didn’t have the finances, long-term vision or infrastructure to support that.


The pivotal moment was when a family I know reached out about their daughters using Finding Nico Van Project for their required community service hours at school. I was partly confused why “some high school kids” would want to use my project to help serve the community.

On the other hand, I was so happy my crazy idea inspired others.

I noticed how many students are required to do community service and struggle to find a project they are truly passionate about. That is when Do More Gooder was born.

Do More Gooder’s mission is to inspire and empower change through service, education, and leadership. Our vision is to spread joy, encourage change and make it fun.

We are here to provide the organizational structure to support individual students’ amazing ideas… help turn their passion into service.

If you want to get involved with events, support our mission, or plan a project contact us anytime.


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